Here is a list of simple rules that you must follow when visiting my website.


1.  If you use any of my images a link back is necessary.  You may use a text link or one of the banners that I have provided for you here.

2.  ABSOLUTELY NO DIRECT LINKING!   You must upload the image to your own server.  There are lots of free servers available but here are a couple of links in case you are having trouble finding one...

Aol Hometown
Envy Nu

3.  If you use any of my base bodies you must give me credit somewhere on your site.  Preferably on a credits page or on the same page as the doll.

4.  Do not edit my dolls.  This means no re-coloring or cut and pasting bits and pieces of my dolls. 

5.  Feel free to adopt my dolls, but you must provide a link. A text link is fine or you may use this banner...

Happy Dolling!