Q1: Describe your style
Funky, trendy, and revealing!
Hip, casual, and expensive!
Conservative, relaxed, right outta The Gap!!
My clothes don't make me who I am.
Sporty, I look like I just came from the gym!
I'm a player and I dress the part! ;)
Classy, preppy, and tight!

Q2: How's your love life?
I like girls...lots of them!
I just got out of a serious relationship and have become a slut!
mmm...I like sexy men...but I can't be tied down just yet.
I am wasting my time on a guy who doesn't deserve me :(
I have a serious boyfriend/girlfriend...but I am unfaithful.
I think I am a player but nobody has ever seen me with a date!
I am obsessed and I am going to marry my boyfriend/girlfriend!

Q3: What is your best feature?
I have a ghetto fab booty!
My hair of course!
My eyes...you can see my soul through them.
My lips! Too sexy!!
My entire body...I am hot!
My hands...smooth and soft!
My abs...I hardly even have to work out!

Q4: Describe yourself in one word...

Q5: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I don't even know where I see myself tomorrow!
Still spending daddy's money!
Most likely an alcoholic or drug addict.
I am going places, baby...PRESIDENT!
A Professional Athlete, complete with Fan Club!
I will be helping those less fortunate.
Married with 6 kids!

Q6: What is your worst personality trait?
I am lazy...I don't pull my weight.
I am anorexic and I enjoy one night stands! *giggle*
I never wanna hang out with everyone...I just wanna do my own thing.
hmmm...I don't think I have one.
I am conceited...I think I am all that and a bag of chips!
I love drama...makes life fun!
I am constantly whining and complaining!

Q7: Stereotype yourself...
Bitter lesbian...or maybe I am just confused?
Spoiled rich daddy's girl!
Deep and tortured soul!
Spunky Individualist!
Pimp/ Player!
Preppy Redneck!