Q1: What type of car do you drive?
A sedan or coupe...just your average car
A Volvo, VW or Pinto
Suv...Explore, Jeep, or Pathfinder
A pickup, 4x4, or Monster truck
A station wagon or mini van
A Kia, Lexus, or Samurai ;)

Q2: What is your dream vacation?
Disney World or Universal Studios
Amsterdam...legal marijuana!!!
Jamaica or a nudist resort!
Somewhere exotic like Japan or The Philippines
To visit family
Daytona or Miami Beach...Spring Break, baby!

Q3: Did you/Are you going to the prom?
I will show up early to hang out, but I won't dance.
I would rather have a staff infection!
If I can make up my mind who to go with....I was asked by 3 people!
*evil grin* I will be spiking the punch!
If I don't have too much homework...of course I will have to make curfew.
OMG! You mean there are people who actually DON'T go?! Hell yeah I'm going!

Q4: Describe your dream wedding!
I think a wedding in my home would be nice and nontraditional.
Halloween night by campfire
On the beach...swimsuits are optional ;)
Marriage is for the weak!
A traditional wedding in a church surrounded by family
I am getting married at the wedding capital of the world....VEGAS!

Q5: Order a drink from the bar...
A hurricane...but only one because I have to work in the morning.
A warm glass of red wine
Sex on the Beach...lots of them!
A shot of jagermeister
A virgin mary...alcohol makes me feel funny
Make mine a Bud light!

Q6: How well do you tolerate pain?
Bring it on! *whimpers*
as little as possible, please
I can take it...just make it quick!
I don't mind being sore for days!
EEK! *runs*
As long as I have someone there to hold my hand

Q7: At a karoake bar you can be found...
I want to get on stage but I just can't seem to get drunk enough to make myself!
calling a cab...this place blows!
at the bar flirting with the sexy bartender!
shooting pool and occasionally pausing to watch the drunk performers!
sitting quietly at my table singing along softly to myself
singing along loudly with all my friends on stage through several sets!

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