Q1: What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to you?
My identity and memory were stolen away and I thought I was a princess.
I finally divorced my husband, we will probably get back together though.
I was locked in a cellar and possesed by the devil!
I discovered I might have a life threatening disease.
I masterminded a baby switch at the local hospital and wound up in jail.
The love of my life discovered I was a cold hearted witch and left me.
I was in love with another woman's man and he left us both.
My boyfriend told me he got another girl pregnant and let her move in.

Q2: How do you get what you want?
I do the right thing and hope that karma is kind to me.
I work hard and don't give up until I achieve my goals.
I reason with people and make them see that what I want is for the best.
I bat my big beautiful eyes and pout alot.
I plot and scheme and if I have to kill someone I just might.
I take what I want. I don't care who gets hurt either.
Sex usually gets me my way every time!
It seems like I never get what I want.

Q3: How's your love life?
I have only truly every loved one man and we will grow old together.
I like to have my cake and eat it too. I keep the men hanging.
I found the love of my life....twice!
The hottest man in town wants me but I am too blind to see it.
My husband arrested me!
I had the perfect man but my lies and schemes drove him away.
I can have any man I want but I choose an old rich guy because I like power.
I am too good for my boyfriend. I deserve better.

Q4: Another woman pisses you off....what do you do?
nothing....karma will take care of it for me.
tell her exactly how you feel and never speak to her again.
ask her why she is being such a bitch?
run off and pout
poison her
bitch slap her
make fun of her...in a witty way of course
tell her off good!

Q5: What do you do or want to do for a living?
being a wife and mother is the only job I need
journalist for a tabloid
an opera singer
a crooked cop
I don't have to work, I lie and steal what I need in life.
sleeping my way up the corporate ladder....any corporate ladder will do.
I just want to make it through high school.

Q6: What would you do if you accidently ran over a dog?
have flashbacks...I had a puppy just like it when I was a child
write an article about how people should keep their dogs on leashes or in fences.
question myself...did I subconsciously do it intentionally somehow?
stop in the middle of the road and cry
speed off...hopefully nobody saw it was me
make it look like someone else hit the dog
leave a sticky note on the dog with your number....maybe the owner is cute
knock on every door on the block looking for the owner

Q7: Describe yourself in one word...

Q8: What would you say to a police officer if you got pulled you over?
"I am sorry, officer"
"There must be a mistake."
"Hi, honey...I thought it was a real cop for a second there"
"I can never do anything right" *cries*
"What is your badge number? I am going to have your job!"
"Are you kidding me?! You better have your speedometer checked out!"
"Are you sure I can't do something for you to make you forget about this whole thing?"
"Please don't tell my parents!"

Q9: What does love mean to you?
giving your whole heart (and all your personalities) to one person
having a friend who believes in me
putting up with your mates quirky habits and loving him anyway
sacrificing everything for one person, their happiness is all that matters
what the hell is love?
doing whatever you have to do to keep your mate
love and sex are not the same thing are they?
a giggly, giddy, funny feeling....like butterflies

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